Community Service

Community involvement is one of the principles of Akal’s Exceptional Service Partnership. We understand that the health and vitality of our local communities and economy is paramount to the strength and vitality of our business. Akal Security encourages our employees to participate in civic activities.

Our employees are proud of their participation in community events, scholarships, and events that effect our global community.

Beyond employee participation, our corporate values are based in our dedication to social responsibility.

Akal participates in local community service efforts in New Mexico and around the nation. We also respond to urgent need, such as in Hurricane Katrina, especially when our employees and their families are involved. We are committed to contributing to the communities where we do business.

Youth Scholarships and Grants

Key to the Future Scholarship Fund
Greater Espanola Valley Community Development Corporation and the Espanola Public Schools.

Akal sponsored scholarships to the 25 highest ranking students at the Espanola Valley High School. New Mexico.

Chicago Prairie Tennis Club Grant
Akal grant provides tennis equipment, programs for African American youth.

Disaster Relief Assistance

Akal Security Raises $24,882 for Tsunami Relief.
The tsunami in southern Asia and Africa may be the worst natural disaster of our time. At the beginning of January, Akal Security offered to match employee donations, for a total up to $20,000 combined contributions.

Within two weeks, Akal Security employees donated $4,882 to charities for the tsunami relief efforts. Because of the severity of this natural disaster, Akal will donate the full $20,000 matching funds. The funds will be split up evenly between the American Red Cross and UNICEF.

Disaster Relief Fund
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones, homes, property and peace of mind. At this time Akal Security, Inc. would like to offer you the opportunity to assist the Akal Security employees in the Judicial Security Division Service Program who have been affected by this disaster.

Our total contributions are now $43,544 from Akal employees so far to help with disaster relief for hurricane Katrina. Akal matched those funds, and a total of over $86,000 was contributed to our employees and their families.