Past and Present Projects

Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement — El Centro, California; Florence, Arizona; El Paso, Texas; and, Miami, Florida.

A principle mission of the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is the effective enforcement of immigration laws. DHS has turned to Akal to ensure the quality of critical contract detention services. In four large DHS centers where foreign nationals await deportation, Akal provides seven hundred officers to staff and secure the facilities. DHS officials consistently report that Akal’s effective recruiting, training, supervision and management programs have made a positive difference in supporting their national security efforts at all four facilities.

U.S. Army Access Control Guard Program.

In 2003, Akal was awarded three contracts to provide 1,500 security guards to eight U.S. Army installations, including some of America’s largest posts at Fort Hood, TX and Fort Stewart, GA. Akal’s guards have been a critical element of the Army’s response to the 9/11/01 attacks, providing resources to allow stricter access control and increased security at our domestic bases. The Army’s ratings for Akal’s performance has averaged 98 percent over three years, and the prevention of unauthorized access to the facilities has increased significantly.

U.S. Air Force Armed Guards at 18 Installations.

In 2005, Akal was awarded a contract to provide armed guard services at 18 Air Force installations throughout the U.S., including five installations in Colorado. Akal provides more than 550 guards under the contract. Akal has performed installation entry control, vehicle inspections and searches, pass and badge verification, control and inspections of commercial traffic, operation of Visitor Control Centers and emergency and crisis response.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad — Arizona, California and New Mexico.

Akal delivers comprehensive security services for this transportation giant in a multi-state region. Patrols secure heavy equipment, bridges and rail infrastructure. Personnel respond within hours to periodic train derailments and other emergencies. With billions of dollars in cargo moving into its terminals and out over thousands of rail miles, BNSF depends on Akal for the vital support necessary to keep its system secure.

Department of Justice U.S. Marshals Service — Court Security Officer Program, Federal Courthouses in 40 States.

Akal brings 14 years of experience and innovative services to protecting the U.S. judicial family against threats of terrorism and criminal attack. Over 3,000 deputized Akal Court Security Officers (CSOs) are on the front lines at our federal courts every day. These career law enforcement officers maintain strict access control and protect judges and courtrooms. To strengthen the integrity of the program, Akal developed an advanced training program to help CSOs detect explosives and weapons.

Baltimore Washington International Airport — Airport Security Services.

Akal provides 200 security officers to this highly sensitive facility in the national capital region. Under Title 49, CFR Part 1542, Akal officers support the BWI security program by performing the following duties:

  • Controlling access to secured areas or SIDA
  • Controlling access to the AOA
  • Patrolling secured areas to ensure that only authorized personnel have been admitted
  • Patrolling parking lots and inspecting vehicles
  • Providing supervision for the movement of vehicles at the arrival and departure curbs

Akal has received superior performance evaluations from the Maryland Transportation Authority since taking over BWI security services in 2003.