What We Do

Exceptional Service Partnership

Akal works in partnership with its clients, and programs are designed together to meet individual security requirements. High-caliber management teams carefully select and train security personnel to deliver customer-focused service. This approach to security contracting is called Akal’s “Exceptional Service Partnership™.”

Unlimited Commitment™

Akal Security is proud of the long-established, strong customer relationships it has built over the years. These critical partnerships, and Akal’s future commitment to service, guarantee long-term value for the government agencies and corporations Akal serves. Akal’s commitment is to our clients’ goals, and the integrity of our clients’ operations. Our managers do everything possible to respond effectively to every challenge.

  • A promise to be a valued partner to our clients.
  • A promise to develop great employees.
  • A promise to fulfill all we commit to, whatever it takes.

At Akal, our motivation is to serve, to deliver these exceptional services, and to protect the people and assets our clients and nation value the most.

Security Officer Services (Guarding Programs)

Akal is one of America’s leading and largest providers of security officers, protecting critical facilities for Government and industry. About 14,000 armed and unarmed Akal officers work in over 40 states, and in 20 countries around the world. We are an industry leader in designing and managing complex, multi-site guarding programs, for Governments and corporations.

Security Training Programs

The Akal Training Academy develops and delivers comprehensive security training programs to Akal’s staff, and to law enforcement and security organizations. Our training program for security screeners helps them keep the public safe by greatly enhancing their ability to detect explosive devices and weapons before they can enter a facility.


Akal’s skilled professionals conduct investigations for major corporate clients in the U.S. and overseas. We are specialists in handling internal personnel and business investigations for corporate clients.

Personal Protection

Akal provides personal protection units for senior executives of major U.S. corporations. Our teams work side-by-side with corporate security officials to ensure a comprehensive protection program for key executives while traveling, and at company headquarters.

Third Country National Personnel

Akal is a leading provider of experienced, trained, former military personnel from Asia and Africa. These TCN personnel are capable of handling critical, high security guarding assignments throughout the world, including in high-threat regions.

International services include:

  • U.S. security personnel.
  • Experienced international security personnel.
  • Specialized, professional labor.
  • Integrated security solutions.
  • Business process sourcing.

International Division

Akal International provides services to the U.S. government and multinational corporations around the world. Akal has business enterprises and partnerships in North America, East Asia, South Asia and the GCC. With a fully operational business office and data processing center overseas, Akal also provides cost-effective sourcing of critical business services.

Security Systems Integration

Akal’s capabilities include the design, installation, and integration of electronic security, surveillance and access control systems. We install and maintain equipment, and design and implement the integration of facility management systems.